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Quality + Safety


We use only the highest-quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure that our products are durable, safe and built to last. A trusted brand you can count on.

Blackwell Loadmaster Service


Committed to providing exceptional customer service, from concept, design, manufacturing, final assembly, and delivery, ensuring we meet and exceeded expectations.

Blackwell Loadmaster Price


We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. From custom solutions to off-the-shelf products, we are committed to providing great pricing options for every budget.

Blackwell Loadmaster Experience


With 50+ years of industry experience, our qualified engineers provide exceptional service and expertise.


We are proud to work with some of the top suppliers in New Zealand, including Utemaster, Aliarc Industries, MCC 4x4 Accessories, Rhino- Rack, and Thule. Our commitment to partnering with these industry leaders ensures that we can offer our customers high-quality products and exceptional service. From vehicle accessories to protection solutions,
our range of products is designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Blackwell Loadmaster Suppliers, Rhino-Rack, Utemaster


Welcome to Blackwell Loadmaster, a leading manufacturer and installer of high-quality vehicle equipment in New Zealand. Visit us at our custom built premises in Christchurch or talk to us about our Nationwide shipping options. Find out more about us here.

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